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I am Lucie Farabet and I am a french osteopath.

I got my diploma from ISOstéo Lyon where I received a complete osteopathic formation.

After I worked in France and Belgium, I moved to Uppsala and live now with my partner.

I am learning Swedish so, for the time being, consultations will be mostly in English.

I have the chance to work with the SCOM (Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine) where I am tutor in clinic for the students.

I really enjoy my profession and I would be very happy to help you being healthier .

See you soon !



What is osteopathy ?

This is a manual therapy used to treat functional disorders that can affect every parts of the human body.

Osteopathy sees body as a unit in which every parts are interrelated and interdependent. Any mobility’s loss in joints, muscles, ligaments or internal organs can cause an imbalance in health status. The aim of osteopathy is to correct body’s imbalances in order to create the best  starting position possible  for the health and wellbeing.

When the body is in balance it’s in fact the optimal basis for good health.

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What can I expect on my first visit to an osteopath ? 

The first consultation lasts 45 minutes to one hour. Then next consultations last 30-45 minutes.

A consultation costs 700 SEK for adults, 500 SEK for <18 years. For students, the first consultation costs 700 SEK then 500 SEK.

A consultation consists in three steps:

– It begins by taking the medical history of the patient as well as information about his lifestyle and diet.

– It continues by body’s examination, using a highly-developed sense of touch, known as palpation, to determine conditions and identify the body’s points of weakness or excessive strain.

– It finishes by the treatment: the osteopath chooses the technique to apply that suits best the patient depending on age, morphology … It seeks to balance all the structures disrupted in their mobility.

If the osteopath thinks your condition is unlikely to respond to osteopathic treatment, you will be advised about how to seek further care. Osteopaths are skilled in diagnostic techniques and trained to identify when a patient needs to be referred to a GP.


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Scope of osteopathy

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